Press Release - Rwanda's 54th Independance Day

On this day that the Rwanda is celebrating the 54th anniversary of its independence, the political opposition platform, composed of the following political organisations, namely Amahoro PC; FDU-Inkingi; PDP Imanzi; PS Imberakuri and RNC (Rwanda National Congress), would like to join the rest of Rwandans, in commemorating the good memories, joys, hopes and aspirations that such a great occasion brings.  We would also like to convey to Rwandans a message of hope for the future.

As we all know that the country got its independence on the 1st of July 1962 and that the ruling party RPF seized power on the 4th of July 1994.   The fact that the national independence day is celebrated as an appendix to the day that the ruling party seized power by the barrel of the gun on the 4th of July is a glaring example of how the ruling party has little interest in the aspirations of the Rwandan people as compared to the interests of the political clique in the ruling party. It also demonstrates its concept of the exercise of power.

It was not long ago that the people of Rwanda were forced to amend the constitution to allow the incumbent President Kagame to rule for life. You equally know how the youth “intore” is being indoctrinated in “amatorero”, to pay their loyalty to the party and its leader above family and other social relationships. Children are encouraged to spy on parents, teachers and others who criticise the “Great Leader”.

This explains our struggle as a political platform, to ensure that the Rwandan people regain their genuine independence and pride as a nation not as member of a sectarian political grouping.   We are determined to win this war because the cause is right and our determination is unflinching. 

We are quite aware that there is no war, political or other, without casualties along the way. We are witnessing it within our political organisations as we grow to political maturity. However, we are going strong because any set back or mistake along the way become our best teacher to chart a better way forward to victory for all Rwandans.

We take this opportunity to convey our gratitude to the pioneers of our independence and national pride. They succeeded with limited resources by forcing the colonial power to give to the people their inalienable right to govern themselves. We are inspired by their example of sacrifice and determination.   

It is extremely sad that 54 years after independence, the majority of our people have little to celebrate, but only living on a dream and hope to see other brave selfless men and women come forward to throw away the yoke of oppression by a clique of fellow Rwandans.  Rwanda has now the highest number of refugees of all time, including people of all ethnic groups, Hutu, Tutsi and Twa, of all social status and age, military, business men, young and old people etc....

We are inviting all Rwandans to take their destiny in their own hands. While we are taking the lead, as a political platform, we want all Rwandans to take part in the struggle for genuine independence from oppression so that victory is co-owned and not a monopoly of a political or military group and used to blackmail people with the familiar language: “we liberated you”. You alone can liberate yourselves.

We wish you an excellent day of commemoration of the country’s independence and a renewed resolve to liberate yourselves. Yes, together we can.


Jerome Nayigiziki

Chair Platform

Washington DC

July 4th, 2016

+1 (956) 337 - 7665