The Steering Committee of the P5 Platform, the executive body, met on 08 October 2017. After reviewing the political and security situation in Rwanda and in the Great Lakes Africa sub-region, the Steering Committee would like to inform Rwandans, friends of Rwanda and the International Community:

1. Platform P5 remains concerned about the explosive political situation in Rwanda;

2. The political Platform P5 denounces the clique in power which uses its power to repress and oppress its own people by hiding behind the laws and institutions designed and put in place to protect itself. The way in which President Kagame put all his institutions against Diane Rwigara during the swearing in ceremony of the new government is still fresh in our minds. It is because things are just improvised that more than a month after she was being dragged in court day and night, the Public Prosecutor does not yet have any concrete evidence to charge her. Besides when she was brought to appear in court t facts on the 6/10, she had not been able to speak with her counsel, the most basic right in court;

3. The political Platform P5 would like to remind the public that the current machinations of the regime of President Kagame against members of the opposition are not new. They were used against Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, President of the FDU - Inkingi before her imprisonment. President Kagame had declared publicly that she would run up against a wall of laws that he has put in place;

4. In relation to the accusations made against the FDU-Inkingi officials, the Platform (P5) would like to inform the public that in the first place the Public Prosecutor has deliberately lied about the composition of the platform with the sole purpose of making it fit into the label of being an armed group. The same tactic was used in the case of Victoire Ingabire. An RPF agent was infiltrated among the accused only to be released later and rewarded for his services. In the same way, an RPF agent has been infiltrated to accuse his colleagues and he is now a free man waiting to return as prosecution witness against the political platform when the trial starts.

5. The Platform P5 would like to reiterate that democratic competition for and peaceful transfer of power offers the best guarantee for peace and sustainable development in Rwanda. In this regard, it calls on the international community to link cooperation with Rwanda to its respect for human rights particularly the freedom of expression, association and assembly.

Done in Brussels October 9, 2017

Jean-Baptiste Ryumugabe

Chair Plateforme P5