On March 23rd, unknown individuals in civilian clothes showed up at the workplace of Denys MPAKANIYE in Kacyiru, Kigali, asking about his whereabouts. Reports from trusted sources confirm that their presence there was not well intentioned.

The next day at night, a squad of individuals dressed in security forces attire arrived at the same location around 10:00 PM and they didn’t leave until around 4:00 AM the following morning when no one let them in. They were guided by an individual called RUKUNDO, a member of the security forces, who had befriended Mr. MPAKANIYE through other members of the PS IMBERAKURI party. Reports on what transpired confirm that Mr. Rukundo called Mr. Mpakaniye asking to be let in under pretense of having some business to discuss.

All this came following an in-depth investigation done the week before by the authorities of Mr. Mpakaniye’s neighborhood on his routine upon getting off from work and on when he gets home from work.

Due to these facts, the PS Imberakuri party finds these acts of aggression against Mr. Denys Mpakaniye, a member of the party disciplinary committee and treasurer of the party in the City of Kigali, to be a telltale sign of a planned disappearance or other mischievous attack against his person.

The PS Imberakuri party reminds all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda that these terror attacks and harassments against Mr. Mpakaniye began shortly upon his decision to begin political activism by joining the PS Imberakuri party. This resulted in a forced relocation from his previous residence in Karongi, Kibuye.

The PS Imberakuri party reminds all state agencies and the government of Rwanda that our members have and will always stand by the truth. Our party wishes to denounce any acts of terror and harassment against our members across the nation and we vow to expose anyone or any organizations behind these attacks. We hereby demand the assurance of the government on Mr. Denys Mpakaniye’s security and wellbeing. We also call upon the government to state its position on these attacks and denounce whoever is behind them if it has no part in it. Failure to make the above statements will confirm what the opposition has always feared, and any further attempts on Mr. Denys Mpakaniye’s person will attest on the condonation of the government regarding attacks and harassments against the opposition in Rwanda.

May God Bless Us All!

Kigali, March 25th 2017

Secretary General and Spokesperson of PS IMBERAKURI